Thermoelectrics Electrical Contributors

Residential Electrical Services

Choosing the right electrician for your home is crucial. At Thermoelectrics, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction, offering a wide range of residential electrical services tailored to meet your needs. We are always available to respond to any type of electrical emergency.

Expertise and Safety

Our skilled team ensures safe and professional electrical services for your home. From renovations to new construction and responding to emergency breakdowns, we guarantee quality workmanship and adherence to SANS 10142 council regulations.

Comprehensive Services

From essential installations to advanced security systems, our residential electrical services cover everything you need to ensure the functionality and safety of your home.

New Constructions

We assist in designing your electrical layout and provide comprehensive installations for new houses, factories, and office worksites, ensuring compliance with regulations.


Renovation work requires specialized expertise. We collaborate closely with general contractors, homeowners, developers, architects and interior designers to ensure seamless integration within existing structures.

Socket Outlets

Need new socket outlets? Our experienced team provides efficient installation services, ensuring your electrical connections meet the highest standards. We install various type of brands of socket outlets and can guide you through the type of socket outlets that will compliment your building.

Lighting Solutions

Enhance your home’s ambiance and safety with our expert lighting solutions. We help you choose and install lighting that highlights your home’s best features. We can assess your property and see where lighting could be improved.

Stoves & Ovens Installations

From professional installations of new Ovens and Hobs to repairs, our services cover all aspects of electric stove and oven maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality.

Distribution Boards

Identify and repair distribution board issues efficiently with our expertise. We handle all aspects, from pinpointing the cause to rewiring and replacing faulty components. Maintenance of distribution boards and their components are critical for circuit breakers to function correctly and to ensure the safety of an installation. We offer ongoing maintenance and thermographic surveys to identify any loose or dangerous hot connections which could pose a fire hazard.

Quality and Reliability

At Thermoelectrics, we prioritize quality and reliability in every service we offer. With a commitment to using the best materials and brands, we ensure durable solutions for your home.

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Don’t compromise on safety and quality. Contact Thermoelectrics today for a quote or consultation, and let us ensure your home’s electrical systems are in top condition. Trust us for reliable, professional, and compliant services that prioritize your safety and satisfaction.